01. Introduction

HOTDOG is a shopping platform which focuses on the world’s latest trends, it builds connections for brands, professional buyers, and youth culture lovers to provide authentic products.

02. App

30 million users and 500,000 daily active users on the app. Brands could be exposed by settling, consigning, or releasing seasonal items. The products on the platform include sneakers, trendy toys, clothing, accessories, watches, art works etc.

28,999,549 Users

Since Our Inception in May 2020

  • We got many ideas and innovations came up while the collaboration, it contributed to this dope culture. Ray - CCZ Founder

  • The NO.1 street fashion NFT web, we are looking forward to have more cooperation in future. Ken - Artist

  • High-end expeirence comes with high-end brands on there, which made everything perfect!! Jane Lariken - Street Fashion Lover

03. Cooperation